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Jed Babbin author of Inside the Asylum – Why the United Nations and Old Europe are Worse Than You Think

Note: This except was pulled from I own the book. It’s 5 stars out of 5. Also, watch the video below and for the record Barack Obama is the Chairman of the UN Security Council.



Book Description:
Babbin details how the United Nations actively pursues anti-American policies and appeases America’s enemies, while being largely funded by $3 billion worth of annual American dues. After revealing the depth of rampant corruption in the UN, Babbin concludes that it is time to recognize the changes in Old Europe and redesign America’s alliances that line up with America’s national interests.

From the Inside Cover
If John Kerry and Hillary Clinton have their way, Kofi Annan and Jacques Chirac will gain veto power over American foreign policy. Scared? You should be. It could happen. And in Inside the Asylum, former deputy undersecretary of defense Jed Babbin shows just how it could happen and why the UN deserves the nickname “The Asylum.”

In Inside the Asylum, you’ll discover:

* How the UN assists international terrorists. Babbin exposes the shocking links between the UN and terrorist organizations.

* The money trail from the UN to Saddam Hussein. Babbin rips the veil from the outrageous Oil-for-Food program-proving that the UN sold its moral legitimacy for oil, stuffed its own pockets at the expense of the Iraqi people, and undermined American pressure on Saddam Hussein: the UN’s cash cow. The UN’s Oil-for-Food program, according to Babbin, “provided Saddam Hussein with the means to bribe politicians, to deprive his people of needed food and medicine, and to literally steal billions of dollars. There is even emerging evidence that money from the program might have gone to support al-Qaeda.”

• The UN’s raid on the American Treasury. Babbin provides a hair-raising glimpse into the UN bureaucracy, dominated by Third World staffers who consider the United States Treasury “the common heritage of mankind.” Babbin starts at the top, exposing Kofi Annan, the UN secretary-general, as an anti-American moral relativist who misses no opportunity to arrogate power from the United States to the UN.

• How the United Nations and the European Union are morally bankrupt-and open enemies of the United States. Babbin shows how France and the United Nations have cost American lives in Iraq by their perverse delaying of American action in the Iraq War. American troops are fighting and dying today because of a terrorist strategy Saddam Hussein developed while France and the United Nations delayed Operation Iraqi Freedom.

As Jed Babbin shows, the UN is more of an international criminal than a dispenser of legitimate international law. If America wants to retain its sovereignty and security, it’s time to escape from the UN asylum and say goodbye to the false friends of Old Europe. “We owe no tribute to the UN and the EU,” declares Babbin. “We should look after our own defense.”

The United Nations building in Manhattan is an international enclave, no longer American territory. Inside the Asylum is a powerful argument that it’s time to reclaim that land for America.


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