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Japadog No More – Vancouver to be first city in North America to shut down street vendors for selling Hot Dogs – imposes strict food regulations.

In another nanny state tactic implemented by people with good intentions making fascist decisions, Vancouver City Council, has taken a vote on behalf of +2 million people to intervene against entrepreneurship to force the ‘free market’ into its authoritarian rule. If Sadhu Johnston, Deputy City Manager for Vancouver, gets his way, their will be a wiener embargo within Vancouver city limits against street vendors as health fascists push their agenda. See the video below. Oh yes, and the Vancouver Coastal Health ‘Guidelines’ will restrict foods with ‘too much sugar’ and will remind citizens that the ‘government knows what’s best for you’ and that selling frosted cupcakes is a criminal offense.

Here’s my rational argument against the Vancouver health gestapo. If and when enough people demand healthier food options from street vendors, we will see small business owners step up to fulfill the need in the market place. Regulating small businesses drives down economic growth in terms of lost business revenue. Consequently, it also reduces the taxable income for the socialist minded who feed upon other peoples labour.

Government cannot dictate the wants and needs of people in a free society. Are we starting to see a pattern here? Additionally, as the government adds new ‘regulations’ against small business owners there is an increased need for government employees to ‘manage’ the bureaucracy and regulatory paper work. At this point we’ve taken a job from the private sector and traded for a tax funded government job. The cycle continues every time our so called ‘leaders’ make economic decisions in an effort to curb peoples decisions.

Can you imagine a time, just like the prohibition era, when people from inside metro Vancouver will pay $17 for a hot dog, but only after giving the secret code to the street vendor who carefully disguises the weenies which are cooking on the secondary grill underneath the spare zucchini sticks? “Excuse me sir, where did you get that wienie?”, says the VCC Health Gestapo officer “that’s a violation of Subsection 69 (c) ii – 4a, we’re going to have to confiscate that wienie, and issue you a ticket for most heinous intent to ingest a controlled substance. From the look of it sir, you don’t need another wienie, and maybe a call to your insurance provider to increase your premiums, will be the last time we need to deal with your kind.”

First they came for the wienies,
Then they came for the ice cream,
Then they came for the pizza,
Then they came for the whole enchilada,
And the Japadog became an urban legend among seasoned celery sticks stands across the country.

Honestly though, I write this with deeply rooted sense of degradation of the ideological philosophy of Canada and our general understanding of liberty. If we look at this from a broader sense in terms of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, under Legal Rights, for Life, liberty and security of person, in section seven (7) “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.” Additionally, for search and seizure, in section eight (8) “Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure.”

I say we take the VCC Health Gestapo through a test of wills, and hereby challenge them to challenge the City of New York, to implement the same food regulations, and publicly call their councilors out for treason for allowing street vendors to sell hot dogs.

Now, from the Ludwig von Mises Institute:

End of the cupcake, and Liberty
by Jim Fedako

It has been said that political movements which appear anemic, confined to the corner tables of beer halls and coffee houses, can become juggernauts overnight with the right dose of ideology, and favorable general mood and climate. Certainly history confirms as much.

Today, it starts with the cupcake. You know, the 200 calorie right-of-passage distributed at every elementary birthday party. Add the insatiable appetite of many for collective health and well-being to the requisite general disdain for individual liberty and common sense, and, before you know it, the statist do-gooders will be shoving carrots and celery down the throats of children and their parents. Happy birthday!

Newspapers are now running articles on obesity and cupcakes in schools. That’s right, the 200 calorie morsel is the root cause of the supposed obesity crisis. And, forcing children and parents to eat carrots and celery instead is the way to curb the expanding American waistline. That plus a lot of state indoctrination of course.

The localized and uncoordinated movements that are currently hitting just a few schools are about converge with more coordinated efforts coming from public school organizations, local health departments, and über-health nuts. This meeting of the minds — and collectivist ends — will create a juggernaut that leads to more than just a ban on cupcakes and similar treats in the classroom. It will lead to the end of personal choice, and Liberty herself.

A little over-the-top you say. Yet, turn the clock back thirty years and realize that no one back then would have believed that smoking would be banned from private businesses and, now, private condos and townhouses.

Therefore, we must guard our Liberties from even seemingly innocuous assaults that occur at the local level, or we will soon find the general mood and climate change as Liberty and Freedom give way to statism and collectivization. And, yes, it all starts with the cupcake.

Note: Of course, in a pure show of hypocrisy, local school board members still toss candy to the kids during parades. That’s because the elected officials truly know what’s best for kids. Cupcakes in the classroom? Evil! Candy while trolling for votes? Priceless!


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