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Champion Ron Paul Marks a HUGE WIN at the First GOP Debate in the USA!

Today, 5 May 2011, Texas Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, who is often referred to as The Tax Payers Best Friend, Dr. No, and The Champion of the Constitution, made waves at the South Carolina GOP Presidential debate, hosted at the Peace Centre in Greenville, SC by Fox (Faux) News. The debate received national coverage and was set as the first of many televised Presidential debates in the campaign for the 2012 USA Presidency.

Dr. Paul’s consistent stance on limited government, honest money, individual liberty and property rights set him apart from the other candidates, with perhaps one exception, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, as the other neo-conservative candidates touted expanded wars, torture of detainees, and government intervention in the economy.

Dr. Paul who proved once again that he is committed to liberty and also garnered massive support from grassroots organizers who planned a 24-hour ‘Money Bomb’ in an effort to give financial support Dr. Paul’s run for high office, which accumulated to more than $1,000,000 in a grand display of support. Comparatively, the mainstream media’s ‘front-running’ candidate Governor Tim Pawlenty, who also hosted a strategic money bomb today, raised less than $12,000; embarrassing to say the least.


The online community of Ron Paul supporters at the generated massive buzz across the internet through an organized campaign, a full-day radio marathon at, and coordinated approach to scoring big for Dr. Paul in online presidential polls.

See Ron in action with the condensed video below highlighting his responses during the debate:

It should also be no surprise that political prisoner Canadian Marc Emery has endorsed Ron Paul for President in 2012 in a recent article.

Thank you Dr. Paul!! Keep up the great efforts.

Quite honestly, the folks at WAC Victoria, could talk about Ron Paul for days. Dr. Paul has delivered over 4,000 as an obstetrician, is married to his wife Carol for over 50 years, he was a flight surgeon in the Navy, he has 5 children, he is an Honorary Delegate of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, he is pro-peace, a strict constitutionalist, is recognized for having the most consistent voting record in the history of the US Congress, and is the grassroots movement peace candidate for freedom and free markets.

For Liberty,

We Are Change Victoria


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