Courage ~ The key to happiness is freedom, the key to freedom is courage.

Operation Occupy Victoria: First General Assembly – TONIGHT


Perhaps you have heard of the efforts underway in New York City, NY to ‘Occupy Wall Street‘ as ordinary people are coming together to stand against the tyrannical corporatocracy.

This is a peaceful assembly of concerned citizens who are fed up with the status quo and big brother colluding with big business behind closed doors to pillage our resources and trample our liberties.

As efforts are being taken across Canada to unite under the cause of liberty you are provided an opportunity to OCCUPY VICTORIA.

Visit the Occupy Victoria Facebook page for further details. The first general assembly begins today (Monday, Oct. 3rd) @ 7:00pm at Centennial Square next to Victoria City Hall downtown.

There are calls from the University of Victoria Department of Social Justice, We Are Change Victoria, individuals and many others to take a stand and Occupy Victoria.

Bring your signs, bring your friends/family, bring sidewalk chalk, and bring peace.

It’s crucial to understand that there may be people who try to co-opt the activities or spread dis-information to attendees. Be an individual not a follower. This is more than just a protest headed by Occupy Wall Street its fundamentally about you and the future of your liberty (property, wealth, family, and rights). Do not let the communists plug you into their network of government control. Be free.


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