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Transition Town: Pushing Agenda 21 on the Local Level

This is some research performed on the Occupy Movement/PAOV/Victoria Red Squares by a member of WAC Victoria. This same member has also contacted Victoria City Council in order to instruct them where to send the bill for the $140K+ the PAOV has cost local taxpayers.

It would appear that a viral group has influence on the local level and is networked almost everywhere. In an organic movement the leaders rise up without having to meet months before occupy was even announced (many go back to march of 2010, occupy was announced in june/july of 2010 by adbusters).

These people appointed themselves leaders of the movement, ignored We Are Change Victoria. We were explicitly excluded from listing even though we had quite a successful event.

The people of victoria are ready for change but it is important to inform the public that such change must come from a people of every political stripe and association, and not be “Transition Town” concentric, which clearly the PAOV is.

One night in the park several members of WAC Vic had the crowd demanding an election of the leaders, which obviously fell on deaf ears. The media generally sticks with the people on this list as representatives for occupy, though occasionally interviews other occupiers but most frequently working group leaders.

Many members also noticed initially that their facebook groups had the heavy hand of censorship as well, which we fought to have resolved. Any real revolution must NOT censor the public or else it is already a failure.

People who believe in LIBERTY and FREEDOM are systematically purged from the group. They are labelled as right-wing, mentally unstable, stalkers, spoken down to like children, told to always be positive even if one feels certain policies are a terrible mistake, told to participate in a controlled pre-meditated system they have a guide or else be completely excluded.

Remember the greatest weapons against the fake revolution are: VOLUNTARIANISM, SILVER AS CURRENCY, RULE BY VOLUNTARY CONSENT.

The revolution is a disaster! It is an inside job! It has all of the hallmarks of such and shares nothing in common with true liberation from a corrupt system.  These people are just here to keep us occupied, in reality if they really cared about all of this fraud they would set the goal of remedying it without the obvious political package/agenda they are peddling the public. The strings attached to dealing with the fraud of the system are not appreciated, it might explain why even a re-branding of the PAOV to RED SQUARES VICTORIA is not working either.  Canada needs to have a good look at where these Transition Towns get their funding.  I would imagine charitable donations, government grants and donations from the Tides Foundation would be highly likely.

It would seem to me that no matter where you go there are always other people telling you what to do, and people are waking up, getting absolutely sick of it. Some of us even want a fair opportunity at being green without other people meddling and manipulating and stealing a chunk of our income. If the solution is so important then perhaps empowering people with greater opportunity and individual resources is the most efficient way to go, because, victoria, canada and the rest of the world has to decide, will the future hold you hostage in a bureaucracy of micro-management or will you liberate yourselves and stand your ground and say “it’s already gotten far out of hand and something needs to be done about it”?