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9/11 truth ENDS 9/11 wars.

Investigate 9/11…..9/11 truth…..Able Danger….WTC7….chances are you saw some of these signs today and that is why you are here.

Do you have questions about 9/11? What does it even matter to Canadians or 11 years after you say? Let me explain. 9/11 has been the kindling for the fires of war, and brought our Canadian troops into war in Afghanistan. Many of our soldiers died. 9/11 has been the excuse for all sorts of laws in Canada that are restricting our civil liberties.

9/11 has been used as the reason why Canada should accept evidence gained from torture. Read that again.9/11 has been used as the reason why Canada should accept evidence gained from TORTURE!!!

We Are Change Victoria does not have all the answers, but we have some serious questions that are all but avoided in political discussions. We Are Change Victoria members believe that 9/11 was a false flag attack. It was the Reichstag Fires of our generation, the defining moment of this “New World” we live in now. A world of hyper paranoid government security agents begging to take away our rights to privacy, Liberty, Mobility, and even property all because of the “threat” of terrorism.

On this 11 year “anniversary” of 9/11 we look back on 11 years of war, not just on “terrorists” but a war on YOU, and all the inalienable rights we are supposed to have and that the government is supposed to protect, all in the name of security. As we look back on the 11 years of war, we are looking forward to another 11 years of war or longer. Syria and Iran are being targeted, the media is trying very hard to “sell” you on this idea that it will be a just war and we are the good guys. Iran and her people are not a threat to Canada, neither is Syria, so we should not be threatening them, but talking and discussing ways to make this world more peaceful, rather then the status quo of wars of aggression.

The most important question to me is “What if it was a false flag terrorist attack”??? the implications are huge if it was, if it was not, then we can continue on doing what we are doing….If I am wrong then nothing changes, but what if I am right? What IF I am right??

9/11 truth ENDS 9/11 wars.

Josh Steffler- We Are Change Victoria


2 responses

  1. MIKE

    Of coarse 911 was a false flag attack. 2 airplanes hit two buildings that were built to be able to take several hits from similar planes at the same time and they would never implode. So we are being told that two airplanes hit two buildings and three building “free-fell” because of fire? It’s never happened in history and it didn’t happen on 911.
    Not without explosives.

    If we the people continue to watch the propaganda media and believe the garbage we are being fed then we are all doomed to a life of fascism.
    There are no terrorists other than the ones created by the elite. Seven years of intense sun spot activity melted the icecaps. Global warming is a lie created to make us feel guilty about us, the people, causing it by creating Co2.

    I have personally been involved in adding 4 liters of HHO gas, (created from water while you are driving), to a 6 liter diesel engine. The fuel economy increased by 40 percent and the emissions were reduced by 90 percent!!!! That was two years ago and the truck is still performing as well as the day it was converted.

    The Oklahoma City bombing was another false flag attack. There were 5 bombs inside the building!
    We the people are being exterminated. Poison food; acidic beverages; vaccines; Florine in the water supply in the USA; Chemtrails; smart meters; cellular towers; prescription drugs.

    Do some research: vitamin B17 was made illegal in Canada in 1953; cannabis was made illegal to stop us from activating our Cannabinoid receptor’s in our body which accelerate our immune system and destroy cancer cells. Do some research.

    Yes, there are too many people on this planet but we can come up with a better solution the the military industrial complex is presently practicing.

    I have a granddaughter that owns my soul. I want her to grow up in a better world.

    Please wake up people and start to wake others.

    Mike from Canada eh.

    September 12, 2012 at 4:12 pm

  2. Chrissy

    There are some evil f-ckers out there, with WAY too much power and money.

    September 12, 2012 at 11:49 pm

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