Courage ~ The key to happiness is freedom, the key to freedom is courage.

Occupy Victoria – Solutions Rally

Occupy Victoria gathers again for our 2nd annual rally at the steps of the BC Legislature in Victoria on Saturday, Oct.20th from noon to 3pm. We have gathered exceptional liberty-minded speakers to come and deliver what they feel are viable solutions for Canadians to use for a positive future.

Famous Canadian documentary film producer, Paul Grignon, who is the creator of the “Money as Debt” film series, will discuss the collapse of fractional reserve banking and solutions which empower the individual in the 21st century.

Our line up of speakers will cover topics which include food security, health freedom, honest money, property rights, smart meters, environmental protection, non-aggression and peace, justice, legalization of marijuana, solving media and government corruption, and ending Canada’s involvement in war.

Be The Change

Photos taken from the Victoria Fire Department’s ladder truck . B.C. July 1, 2009. (BRUCE STOTESBURY, TIMES COLONIST). For City story by Joanne Hatherley

Bring a chair, bring a sign, and bring a notepad and pen, as we engage with the community to offer real solutions you can leave and work on right after the rally.

More information on Facebook: and at


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