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(Video) Luke Rudkowski – Founder of We Are Change

An oldie but still rings true. Thanks, Luke


(Video) 4409 — MENTAL Circle Jerk with a STATIST

Another goodie from 4409.

“Officer Jiggles tries to argue in favour of authoritarianism with “underwear boy” but Jiggles is so brainwashed he just ends up playing mental circle jerk.”

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FRESH – WACV Confronts Justin Trudeau on NATO Invasion of Libya with Depleted Uranium

On November 21, 2012, members of We Are Change Victoria confronted nominee of the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, regarding Canada’s involvement in the NATO led invasion of Libya and the use of depleted uranium.

The question and answer was held at the University of Victoria during a Town Hall style meeting as part of Justin Trudeau’s cross Canada tour promoting his campaign to become the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Visit or find on Facebook at

Also, we caught Justin Trudeau on CFAX1070 radio in Victoria with 2 questions live on air. Here is the CFAX Q&A Josh and I had with Justin today: (skip to 23 mins in for Bilderber question by Josh Steffler and skip to 43 mins in for follow up depleted uranium question by Greg Hill)

We Are Change Victoria — Core Planks:   Topics We Promote 1) Property Rights 2) Honest Money 3) Non-violent Change 4) Limited Government 5) Alternative Media 6) Liberty 7) Legal Justice 8) Public Awareness and Education 9) Food Security 10) Emergency Preparedness

Banker left Speechless by Irish Journalist

Irish journalist Vincent Browne confronts the ECB’s (European Central Bank) Klaus Masuch demanding to know where the money is going.

Charlie Chaplin – The Great Dictator’s Anti-NWO Speech

Reminder: Meeting tonight. ;-D

Video – Sanctions- More Deadly Than The Atomic Bomb?

Dr. Ron Paul’s Congressional Farewell Speech – C-SPAN 11/14/2012

To achieve liberty and peace, two powerful human emotions have to be overcome.

Number one is “envy” which leads to hate and class warfare. Number two is “intolerance” which leads to bigoted and judgmental policies. These emotions must be replaced with a much better understanding of love, compassion, tolerance and free market economics. Freedom, when understood, brings people together. When tried, freedom is popular.

The problem we have faced over the years has been that economic interventionists are swayed by envy, whereas social interventionists are swayed by intolerance of habits and lifestyles. The misunderstanding that tolerance is an endorsement of certain activities, motivates many to legislate moral standards which should only be set by individuals making their own choices. Both sides use force to deal with these misplaced emotions. Both are authoritarians. Neither endorses voluntarism. Both views ought to be rejected.

I have come to one firm conviction after these many years of trying to figure out “the plain truth of things.” The best chance for achieving peace and prosperity, for the maximum number of people world-wide, is to pursue the cause of LIBERTY.

If you find this to be a worthwhile message, spread it throughout the land.

Full Speech Transcript:

Video – A message from the Sovereign Squamish Nation Government

This is music to my ears. The lady is completely right. I took the time to write the transcript of the video below of her part from 3:51 to the end. Note: While the text below is epic, the Squamish Nation Government is not infallible, and it’s association to the United Nations is questionable among other things. I do however love the idea espoused in the text below. Please comment on this article with your own thoughts and research.

“I am the President (Irene-Maus: Gravenhorst) of the Sovereign Squamish Credit Group, which is a financial institution that is legislated over the Sovereign Squamish Nation Government. The Sovereign Squamish Nation Government is now pushing forward to offer people a choice, with a financial institution which is known as the credit group. The reason why the word credit is so important is because we believe that everybody here under Sovereign Squamish Nation legislation is in fact sovereign. You are tax free. You are a sovereign individual and you have the free will and the free right to make a consciencious choice as to whether or not you want to be a member with the Sovereign Squamish Nation Government and live in a peaceful co-existence through municiple types of factions.”

“What’s so wonderful about this is that in order to affect positive change, we offer this financial institution to every individual that lives on Squamish Nation land.”

“You are not a tax slave because you’re no longer under a Royal Commission to be a secure and bonded name by contract through the government issued ID.”

“Once the government issued ID from the government of British Columbia and the government of Canada is removed and you decide that you want to operate a vehicle that is going from point A to point B under the Squamish Nation government legisation, we have our own Squamish Nation license plates, you would be issued a temporary ID, you would also be issued what’s called an assurance policy. The assurance policy will assure that anybody who does get into an accident because we do understand that accidents do happen, the bill is settled, that the contract is settled.”

“We know that these government agencies that are currently creating problems or hurdles or economic recessions to the people are no longer working; its not working anymore. So we don’t want to give that anymore energy.”

“All of the elected government officials in this upcoming election for the government of British Columbia are puppets ladies and gentlemen. They are working in service to protect the interest of the Queen. The Queen is no longer required in this jurisdiction because Siyam Kiapilanoq/CAPILANO honours the Common Law jurisdiction.”

“We’re letting everybody know, humanity, the human race is a credit of life. It is time for us to help clean up this earth from the pollution. It is time for us to say no to large corporations who want to try an eliminate 2/3rds of the human population through the Trilateral Commission.”

“We can and will affect positive change.”

Federation of Sovereign Nations

Republicans Rage as the Great Burning Arrives

Republicans Rage as the Great Burning Arrives

Republicans descend into civil war as Tea Party movement vows to drive party further to the right … The Republican Party was last night descending into a civil war over control of its political future, as recriminations raged about its failure to oust Barack Obama and take control of the US Senate. Some conservatives warned colleagues that they risked annihilation by refusing to change and appeal to the women, younger and ethnically-diverse voters who had stood by Barack Obama since 2008. Yet many supporters of the Tea Party movement – whose agenda was rebuked across the US – claimed Mitt Romney had actually not been conservative enough, vowing to drive the party further to the Right. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: Republicans are out of touch. Democrats are not. The Tea Party is dead.

Free-Market Analysis: Post-election, the US Republican Party will go about the business of tearing itself to pieces, as well it should. As observers of directed history here at the Daily Bell, watching the past ten years of politics presented via the prism of what we call the Internet Reformation has been instructive indeed.

There IS no real (legitimate) Republican Party left, from what we can tell. Before the violent and thuggish deconstruction of the libertarian Ron Paul Revolution, Ron Paul was on his way to taking over the Party. We watched it happen.

Crowds were growing, delegates were falling into line. Ron Paul was attracting bigger and bigger audiences. The powers-that-be had tried everything – ignoring him, ridiculing him … even controlling the “movement” by placing “handlers” around him surreptitiously.

Finally, as none of it truly worked, the top GOP began to use violence and outright fraud. Ron Paul delegates were intimidated, beaten up and banned. Rules were changed, votes were ignored and the election, which was trending toward Paul, went to Romney.

It is important to assert these things because the stealing of an election has already gone down the memory hole. Of course, in this analysis, we should offer a further reality: Ron Paul is not insane. He likely didn’t ever intend to win and sabotaged his own campaign in evident and obvious ways.

But we don’t begrudge him that. He intended to educate and succeeded beyond anything he’d ever imagined. He succeeded because in the US – in the West in general – there’s a great craving for freedom and economic literacy. This craving, nurtured by Paul’s financial literacy, has been inordinately strengthened by his four-year historical and economic lecture tour.

Millions have been exposed to the brilliant, clarified concepts of human action and have come to understand the corrosive effects of the modern central bank business cycle. This knowledge will continue to percolate. It runs like acid through the fragile facade of illiteracy and socialist lies that the power elite constructed over centuries to try to obscure the truth about human relations.

As the veil shrivels and smokes, one cannot look away. Once one begins to understand the truth about how the world works, there is no going back. The shock to the system is profound. It tends to take over one’s life. The idea that every nook and cranny of one’s consciousness has been controlled and “directed” is an overwhelming concept.

People who come to such conclusions find their lives have changed. It is physically and mentally impossible to ignore it. And it is difficult not to proselytize because the reality is so profound.

For the mainstream media already it is as if the Ron Paul candidacy, which shook the establishment from top to bottom, never existed. But ignoring the candidacy and its violent repression is a bit like trying to ignore the aftermath of an earthquake. The ruin is all around you and trying to pretend it is not there won’t make it go away. The political landscape in our view has changed irredeemably, as we long ago believed it would.

We have tended to believe that William Clinton’s presidency was the first Internet presidency and that George Bush’s was the second. After that, we used to write, we didn’t know what would happen to the faux-political consensus because the Internet itself, acting like a huge magnifying glass, would have presented the truth about US politics to an increasingly alienated electorate.

What would have become clear is that the “directed” view of history is the correct one: The power elite controls monopoly central banking and has used its unfathomable capital flows to reshape society toward globalism.

Agents have apparently been planted at the top of every facility that matters, from the military to universities, to the media, to think tanks, to political parties and legislatures. With just a few powerful people placed at the proper places, the elites successfully manipulate conversation and steer the world toward the internationalism they prefer.

Society is controlled by intimidation, censorship and fear. Ever expanding spy technology wielded by invasive and growing Intel agencies is the methodology of choice. Of course, you can never have too much control, or too much economic ruin, or too any wars.

The elites cannot rest. They have been exposed by the Internet just as the Gutenberg press exposed the power elite of the day 600 years ago. Counterattacks have been mounted in the past decade, and especially recently. False flags abound now and even apparently neo-Fabian economics have been trotted out – perhaps to blunt the freedom movement and distract people from larger truths about free-market thinking.

But given the choice, people will usually opt for more freedom, not less. More personal control and less statism. And as it is economically impossible to bribe all of the people all of the time, the freedom movement will continue to grow. Once people “get it,” the insights become part of their psychological fabric. They grow around it, and it reshapes their lives.


In Defense of We Are Change Victoria

Recent attacks from angry leftists and pro-violence activists upon We Are Change Victoria have caused Josh to make a defense video. We are under bolshevik attacks and could use your help if you support WACV in spreading this video or making your own video defending WACV’s good name.

It’s truly unfortunate that local activists are slandering the peaceful, humble, pro-liberty individuals who comprise WACV with hypocritical rhetoric and unsubstantiated falsehoods. Read about WACV’s Core Planks and About Us. Also, read through our website and judge for yourself. Below is a first of a kind video from an individual, Josh Steffler, who feels that freedom of speech, whether popular or unpopular, is a cornerstone of our country. Some individuals are using stereotypical labels, name-calling, cyber-bullying, face to face confrontations at public group meetings, pre-planned interference at events and calculated networking to try and suppress others from being engaged in political activism. Is this the Canadian thing to do? WACV acts within the scope of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms as an engaged group of individuals who are working to promote peaceful activism.

Proposition 37 appears to have failed in California, but GMO labeling awareness achieves victory

Wednesday, November 07, 2012
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of

(NaturalNews) Proposition 37 appears to have failed at the ballot box in California, according to the California Secretary of State ballot measures results. The GMO labeling ballot measure, which would have required food companies to label the GM content of foods, was defeated with the use of over $45 million in fraudulent advertising and dirty tricks funded by Monsanto, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Kellogg, General Mills, DuPont, Bayer and other food and pesticide companies.

Over the last month, this cabal of deceptive companies has funneled money into a campaign of criminal fraud which, among other crimes, fabricated a fake FDA quote and sent out mailers that fraudulently used the FDA seal. A criminal complaint has already been filed with the FBI.

The “No on 37” campaign also used fabricated front groups and impersonated a police organization (among others) to send out yet more fake mailers to voters, claiming that the police oppose GMO labeling. That fraudulent claim, of course, is entirely false.

Huge victory in terms of GMO awareness and grassroots support

The grassroots effort to pass Proposition 37 was supported by the efforts of millions of activists, plus financial donations from Mercola, Nature’s Path, Amy’s, Dr. Bronner and other companies. Natural News donated $10,000 to the effort and provided comprehensive editorial coverage of the grassroots effort. Click here to see a chart of who gave money to the effort.

And click here to see some of the “natural” brands that betrayed consumers with the “No on 37” deception.

Those brands include Kashi, Silk, Cascadian Farm, Larabar and more.

In many ways, the YES on 37 campaign was a huge victory for awareness. The campaign organized over 10,000 volunteers in California alone and succeeded in achieving a massive social media presence.


The Turning Point – Full Film – New Release from


Press For Truth Presents: The Turning Point

You have been selected to attend the 60th Bilderberg conference in Chantilly, Virginia from May 31 – June 3, 2012. This conference brings together leaders of business, economics, media, finance, politics and military in a forum which will allow for open and off the record discussions of current events and global issues.



I must stress that this meeting is SECRET and by invitation only. We operate under Chatham House Rules, meaning you are not permitted to discuss anything that is said during the conference to members of the media or otherwise.
Please keep all of your arrangements confidential, including all of the information included herein. In recent years we have lost much of our control over the dissemination of information due to the rise of independent media sources and internet-based journalists. We intend to correct this problem and plan to discuss it at this year’s conference.

The Turning Point – A Press For Truth Production
Produced and written by:
Steven Davies, Bryan Law and Dan Dicks
Edited by Steven Davies and Bryan Law
Music by Dan Dicks

The Turning Point on DVD contains a behind the scenes look at the making of the film and the making of the soundtrack. We are releasing this film for free on youtube. We’re offering a DVD to those who would like to support our work. We fully encourage you to make copies of the DVD to give to friends, family and strangers:

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Rally Speaker Videos

On Saturday, 20 October 2012, citizens from across the Province of British Columbia took to the BC Legislature in Victoria for the 2nd Annual Occupy Freedom and Solutions Rally. Expert speakers from the fields of monetary history and banking, electromagnetic radiation, civil law, genetically modified foods, media NLP, and more all delivered exceptional information to an audience of motivated activists and free people.

We are truly thankful for all the contributions by the speakers, organizers, and attendees who came together to send echoes of free speech across the BC Legislature lawn. Our voices were heard and will continue to reach thousands of people over the comings weeks and months through local television media on Shaw Cable Channel 4.

A special thank you to those who traveled from the interior BC to attend and to our cameramen who captured this historic event.

Find us on Facebook and meet over 300 other local concerned and engaged citizens.

Stay tuned for our upcoming film screening of Genetic Roulette on Saturday, November 24th.

Now for the speaker videos:

Brad Loomes – “Ribbons in the Sky”

Josh Steffler Introduction

Paul Grignon Presentation

Will Thomas Presentation

David Arthur Johnston Presentation

Brad Loomes – “Round Up”

Brad Loomes – “Building 7”

Tsiporah Grignon Poem

Raymond Geisler Presentation

Jamie Scott Presentation

Kaptain Kanada Presentation

Brad Rhodes Presentation

Greg Hill Presentation

Ryan Elson Presentation

Henry Tudor Presentation

Josh Steffler Presentation

Gail Andrews Presentation

Julian Assange’s Lawyer Update: lawyers & journalists cannot see court documents

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Luke Rudkowski ran into and got the chance to talk to Michael Ratner, the President of the Center for Constitutional Rights. Michael currently is the attorney for Julian Assange in the U.S and gave WeAreChange an update on the case.

To find out more about Michael Ratner follow him @ or check out

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Retired Police Captain demolishes the War on Drugs