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In Defense of We Are Change Victoria

Recent attacks from angry leftists and pro-violence activists upon We Are Change Victoria have caused Josh to make a defense video. We are under bolshevik attacks and could use your help if you support WACV in spreading this video or making your own video defending WACV’s good name.

It’s truly unfortunate that local activists are slandering the peaceful, humble, pro-liberty individuals who comprise WACV with hypocritical rhetoric and unsubstantiated falsehoods. Read about WACV’s Core Planks and About Us. Also, read through our website and judge for yourself. Below is a first of a kind video from an individual, Josh Steffler, who feels that freedom of speech, whether popular or unpopular, is a cornerstone of our country. Some individuals are using stereotypical labels, name-calling, cyber-bullying, face to face confrontations at public group meetings, pre-planned interference at events and calculated networking to try and suppress others from being engaged in political activism. Is this the Canadian thing to do? WACV acts within the scope of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms as an engaged group of individuals who are working to promote peaceful activism.


6 responses

  1. Epic preamble Gregger! Fear not liberty lovers, for WAC Victoria is not going to be bullied away by bolsheviks.

    anyone else interested in making a rebuttal video?

    November 8, 2012 at 5:46 am

  2. Anne Woodworth Bassingthwaite

    Hi everyone. I have met many of you and know that your hearts are in the right place. I would however be careful when labeling people. Mentioning leftists and then linking that with anger, violence and bolshevik attack may incite rather than smooth out. I think that it may be best to back away from name calling. Perhaps paying little to no mind to these attacks will show how ridiculous the claims are. Please may I ask who the speaker at the Occupy Victoria Rally was ,who some are claiming is racist?

    November 8, 2012 at 4:08 pm

    • Anne the speaker was Doug Christie. The name calling may be a bit low, but it is true, the people behind the slander are Josh Easton, who does not shy away from saying he IS the left, and that he is angry at us for supporting Ron Paul and the campaign for liberty. so that is not name calling it is true. Another person is Zoe Blunt who does not even use her real name, and restricts dialogue so that there cannot be a 2 way communication between her and I. Finally we have Rayne Hartshorn who does not use his real name either, and keeps trying to associate me with Doug CHristie’s clients in court. All of whom I have never met nor advocate for.

      The comment about Bolshevik tactics is the way they are trying to attack from anonymity, and restict the dialogue so that people cannot defend their own name. Throwing accusations without proof, deleting any comments challenging the accusations, deleting comments asking for proof of the claims of racism.

      They are the racists, they want you to look at the colour of peoples skin rather then see the human being. They say to deny a person is different because the colour if their skin is racist…yet that is the racist tendencies of themselves showing. They want us divided, and they want to control the discussion rather then have an open and honest communication.

      Despite what they say, there is only one race, the human race. We all bleed the same colour, and we all have the same genetic code. They want you focused on the colour of peoples skin, I want you to focus on the individual.

      November 8, 2012 at 8:10 pm

  3. Curtis

    I don’t hide behind shit. You support racist fucks. Expect to be attacked for your bullshit.

    November 9, 2012 at 7:55 pm

    • I think your website got taken down for threats of violence did it not??? nothing we have ever done has been taken down….again you have no evidence that we are racist, yet just toss out slander…but we know your comments are just a REFLECTION of yourself, not a qualified opinion of us.

      you are a coward Curtis Nixon, you sent me messages on Facebook then blocked me so there was only attacks and insults from you, not a 2 way conversation. You hide because you are a coward.

      January 15, 2013 at 3:15 pm

  4. In Zoe Blunt phony news piece called “Turfing out the racists” in my opinion is a nutcase, and that something is not right with her head, i believe this person is not only a danger to herself, but a danger to the community itself at large, to link libertarians as racists,or white supremacy kooks shows that these people do not care for freedoms, liberty’s, and will destroy society as they see fit in order to bring about misery, hate, and violence.

    January 15, 2013 at 2:32 pm

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