Courage ~ The key to happiness is freedom, the key to freedom is courage.

UPDATE: General Website Maintenance


A quick update for our visitors. We’ve successfully transferred over the site to a new platform and are currently in the process of updating new site features. We will continue to add new content and videos to this site so don’t go anywhere. Stay tuned for our next update and we’ll be publishing the new site in soon.

The WACV Crew

_ _ _ _ _


Just a quick note that you may experience some minor interruptions from your regular surfing on this site as we are doing some backend updates over the coming days. We will be moving from a site to a site. Yes, there is a set of very distinct differences. We’ll be adding some new features but nothing too major.

To access our site visit and soon enough we will have the URL back up again.

Contact us at if you have any questions or comments.


The WACV Crew

P.S. In the meantime feel free to download, print, and cut out these classic “Harper” dollars to share. Leave them at the gas pump, under car windshields, on shelves at the grocery store, and be sure to make a joke with the clerk by ‘accidentally’ trying to pay with one; see below.


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