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Australia Protests Gun Ban

Nov 17, 2010

Two thousand angry Australians gather to demand gun rights and justice. Ginny Simone reports that the people of Australia gathered at the feet of Parliament with signs and outraged chanting in protest of the country’s gun bans. Interviewees from the crowd discuss the gun buyback that required citizens to surrender their weapons with the threat of jail, an event that resulted in the confiscation of over 6,000 guns. With millions of dollars spent and no reduction in crime from the gun bans, Australians demand the right to defend themselves and to feel safe in their homes.

69% increase in armed robberies
28% increase in assault with guns
19% increase in gun murders
21% increase in home invasion robberies (a newly created phenomenon)

Home invasion robberies were actually higher except that …. wait for it!

wait for it!

The government couldn’t define home invasion.

FYI. They started the ban with semi-automatic weapons, then shot guns, then went for the hand guns. IT is Always done incrementally.


2 responses

  1. the totalitarian tip toe….thanks for pointing this out!!! people need to stick to their guns…pun intended

    January 11, 2013 at 3:17 pm

  2. art

    we petition the obama administration to:

    To remove the US governments guns in order to stop the government from killing children with weapons of mass destruction

    To remove all the US governments guns in order to stop the government from killing children with weapon of mass destruction, and to stop the violation of the 2nd amendment and the government stop using Al Qaeda terrorists where the government of the US is funding and training and supplying weapons too in order to destabilize country’s where mass murder of children is taken place

    January 11, 2013 at 3:43 pm

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