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WRCV Exclusive: 4 MLA’s go on the record for Smart Meters, Hemp, Debt, and more.

On Thursday, April 11th, at the University of Victoria, several unnamed assailants disguised as journalists broke into the NDP Rally for Change and interrogated four unsuspecting Members of the Legislative Assembly. ;-P  Okay, maybe it didn’t go down just like that, but I get a snicker out of watching these ‘representatives’ squirm a bit.

A few familiar faces from We Are Change Victoria took it upon themselves to create the opportunity for four MLAs to get some “tv” time. The dash for the camera and well-timed photo-op was too irresistible for these folks to pass up. The conservations were not your ‘run of the mill’ type questions from lamestream media hacks but instead centered around personal freedom and property rights.

Please note that we are looking to get the Liberals, Conservatives and Greens to all put their foots in their mouths too. We’re working on scheduling similar interviews at the coming candidates events/rallies/offices/etc. Let us know what types of questions you want us to ask. Join the quest to expose tyranny of those who would try to take our freedoms away.

Here is how is all played out:

Greg Hill – We Are Change Victoria Interviews NDP MLA candidate – Jessica Van Der Veen

Josh Steffler – We Are Change Victoria Interviews NDP MLA – Carole James

Greg Hill – We Are Change Victoria Interviews NDP MLA – Maurine Karagianis

Josh Steffler – We Are Change Victoria Interviews NDP MLA – John Horgan


3 responses

  1. Kevin Proteau

    Great Job Guys ! Posted to the Locals Supporting Locals Video Page and shared on FB

    [image: Watch video] WRCV Exclusive: 4 MLAs go on the record for Smart Meters, Hemp, Debt, and more.

    April 15, 2013 at 6:10 am

  2. Thanks Guys for doing this, but I thought you could have really hit them with real hard hitting issues more so, but, to tell you the truth, i am not impressed and very disappointed with everything these NDP had to say, and now I know where they really stand of political issues and how it effect people’s lives.. as it all double speak nonsense they shout, with pushing more taxes on the people based on myths for so called global warming propaganda, making sure smart meters system is here to stay, with no options based on NDP propaganda where the BC Liberals spent Tax Payers monies that been spent by the BC Liberals and no option for anyone to op-out in reality in having them installed or removed. That is plain to see, as it the same old use of force without consent on the people. Be it NDP or the BC Liberals and all I can say, “I am done with these BC political party’s” and will never vote again in any BC election, as there is no point as it always been a two pony dog show that is controlled and until a real political party comes forth that cares about freedoms and rights, as the NDP doesn’t give a dam about people, just as the BC liberals never did. Both these political party’s are the same with different names that all, and anyone who thinks they are not, needs their head examined.

    April 15, 2013 at 8:34 am

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