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Find and Share Solutions at TODAY’S March Against Monsanto

The big show has arrived and the organizers here in Victoria have put together what is sure to be a very memorable day. Today, you have the opportunity to engage peaceful rebellion and face the GMO juggernaut M-O-N-S-A-N-T-O through tactical means of public protest. The protest is valiant in its aim but requires several levels of post-event continuity to most effectively starve the beast.

As consumers we hold the purchasing power which directly impacts the financial bottom line of all businesses. By voting with your dollars, you decide which companies you support. To quell the tide of crony corporatism by Big Agri-Biz and Big Government, we must plants seeds of an idea whose time has come, and we must nurture them through educated and values-based market purchasing. Click here for a list of M-O-N-S-A-N-T-O subsidaries and products.

Secondly, we must become food independent in our own local communities by empowering ourselves with wholesome and organic food gardens; lawns are nice to look at but gardens give you life. Meet people today at the rally who are interested in sharing some gardening tips with you or find some people that you can help empower through your experience and wisdom.




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  1. Laura Weileby, Organizer, March Against Monsanto - Victoria, BC

    I concur. The real work starts with personal life-style change, our everyday shopping habits, and going the extra mile to do what we can to obtain the best quality food for ourselves and our families. We don’t want to continue to feed the beast with our own hard-earned money! Lead by example, and download Buycott. It’s free. Use it in an obvious way, and comment casually to those who notice, as to what you’re doing. And chat it up with your local grocer. Let them know how you want to spend your money, what you expect to see in their store, in these eye-opening times.

    There are so many cool ways to grow your own food, too, even if you live in an apartment building or confined space. Check out these two websites, for starters:

    The next march is on October 12th. We will not stop until we’ve won. peace out

    June 1, 2013 at 1:27 pm

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