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Video – Dean Clifford – Freeman MEGA Event in Victoria – Saturday, June 22nd

An epic event for the ages featuring famous Freeman Dean Clifford, as seen on CTV News, will be delivering a full day conference on the freeman movement and viable solutions. The event includes a private, fully catered conference room in downtown Victoria with lunch and refreshments. All attendees with have access to tons of DOOR PRIZES and freebies. See details!

Reminder: We will be bringing Dean Clifford tickets to the We Are Change Victoria meeting tonight; 7:30pm at Gorge-ous Coffee. We have 10 tickets at a super discounted price of $35 so bring your cash and pick up your tickets tonight.

This event is already a big success with tickets nearly sold out – act now!

Thanks for the support!


Check out the event video below!



Ron Paul: Spirit of Liberty Lives in Canada – 2013 Manning Networking Conference

Champion of the Constitution aka The Taxpayers Best Friend and Former Congressman Ron Paul speaks at the 2013 Manning Networking Conference. Let’s hope he makes his way to the West Coast! For Liberty!

Gregger and Ron in Tampa Bay, FL, August 2012

Gregger and Ron in Tampa Bay, FL, August 2012

Find the We Are Change Victoria member in the crowd??

Fake Skeptics & The “Conspiracy Theorist” Slur

Remind you of anyone? People who are afraid of honest conversation and open debate? Those who hide behind slander and empty rhetoric?

This Blunts for you!

Canadian Government Dishes Out $34M of Your Money in 2011 to George Soros Globalist Funded CIGI


Canadian Government Dishes Out $34M of Your Money in 2011 to George Soros Globalist Funded CIGI


After some digging on the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) website I found that these globalist freaks have created the ‘Council of Councils‘ with the mission “to find common ground on shared threats, build support for innovative ideas, and inject remedies into the public debate and policymaking processes of member countries.” The founding membership of the Council of Councils includes leading institutions from nineteen (19) countries, roughly tracking the composition of the Group of Twenty (G20). Representing Canada’s official role as a “Founding Council of Councils Member Organization” is the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) based in Waterloo, Ontario.

CIGI Headquarters:
57 Erb St. West, Waterloo, ON, Canada N2L 6C2

The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) is an independent, non-partisan think tank on international governance. Led by experienced practitioners and distinguished academics, CIGI supports research, forms networks, advances policy debate and generates ideas for multilateral governance improvements. Conducting an active agenda of research, events and publications, CIGI’s interdisciplinary work includes collaboration with policy, business and academic communities around the world.

Key Players:
George SorosGave $25 Million for a partnership between CIGI and INET
Jim Balsillie – Former co-CEO of Research in Motion, current Chairman of CIGI
Thomas Bernes – Former IMF, World Bank, OECD, Government of Canada shill boy
The Government of Canada
The Government of Ontario
The City of Waterloo
Power Corporation
The Rockefeller Foundation
Environment Canada
Industry Canada

CIGI receives annual funding from eleven (11) Canadian Government bodies. In fact, you’ll notice that in 2011, CIGI received over $33.8 million in government grants as shown on their latest annual report. Under their list of expenses you will see $26,886,516 in ‘Sponsorship Donations’ CIGI paid out in 2011 to other organizations and companies. So, lets be clear that CIGI takes in nearly $34 Million in Canadian Government Grants for 2011 and then shares the wealth with its friends to the tune of nearly $27 Million; that is your money folks.

Considering that we as tax payers forked the bill for the $34M doesn’t this seem to be a MAJOR CONFLICT OF INTEREST considering the nature of people involved, CIGIs goals, and the public/private financial relationship which extends internationally?

You’ll also see over $203 million in total fund balances for 2011 which means CIGI has nearly a quarter billion in assets to shit all over Canadians with and promote global governance, geo-engineering, Agenga 21 and many other corrupted United Nations programs.

Core Programs: (Global Economy, Global Security, Environment and Energy, Global Development)

Lets take a closer look at their focus on ‘Environment and Energy‘:

1) Geoengineering Our Climate –
2) Implementing Agenda 21 through Local Agenda 21s –
3) Sustainable Economics –
4) United Nations Global Sustainability Panel –

If this doesn’t point to direct collusion between our government and genocidal globalists through financial redistribution and funding for programs that destroy Canadian sovereignty and individual liberty than I don’t know how the hell else to show people that this shit exists.

Here are some useful links:
– What is Geo-Engineering? –
– What is Agenda 21? –
– What is Sustainable Economics? –
– What is wrong with the United Nations? –

Video: About CIGI – Endorsed by Former Canadian Prime Minister, Paul Martin

1934 Chicago Tribune Cartoon + Funny Video




Hi Everyone,

Are you as excited as we are for this champion Solutions Rally tomorrow at the BC Legislature?

I can tell you now that the logistics, speakers, media, and enthusiasm are all set.

– Keynote speakers are confirmed and ready to deliver.
– We have tents, a huge audio system, sweet ass podium, info tables, DVDs, and logistics are set.
– Brad Loomes will be courting us with epic music throughout the rally.
– Josh has been conducting interviews with CTV, Vic News, CHEK and more.
– Buzz on the street from people seeing our neon posters.
– Videographers ready to capture all the footage for future episodes of Freedom Free For All.

12:00pm – Welcome Announcements
12:05pm – Brad Loomes – Musician “Building 7”
12:10pm – Jamie Scott – Leader of the Canadian Truth Party
12:25pm – Raymond Geisler – Host of ‘Unbought and Unbossed Radio
12:40pm – Brad Rhodes – Media Integrity Watchdog
12:50pm – Brad Loomes – Musician “The GMO Song”
1:00pm – Paul Grignon – Creator of Money As Debt movie series – Watch ‘The Essence of Money’
1:25pm – Will Thomas – Author, Film Creator, EMR Expert, and Stop Smart Meters Champion
1:45pm – Walter McGinnis (TBD) – Stop Smart Meters BC
2:00pm – Brad Loomes – Musician “Ribbons in the Sky”
2:10pm – David Arthur Johnson – Right to Sleep Activist
2:25pm – Robert Menard – Famous Free Man on the Land
2:40pm – Kaptain Kanada – Libertarian Crusader
2:50pm – Ryan Elson – Investigative Journalist
3:00pm – Josh Steffler – We Are Change Victoria
3:15pm – Closing Action Items Checklist

– Bring warm clothes and rain stuff just in case.
– Bring a friend or two or three.
– If you want to be an event Marshall, arrive no later than 11:15am at the Leg for a pre-meeting and gear.
– Bring a sign
– Bring a chair
– Bring a snack

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

All our best,

The We Are Change Victoria Crew and Occupy Victoria B.C.

Occupy Victoria Freedom and Solutions Rally

Occupy Victoria Returns with 2nd Annual Occupy Freedom and Solutions Rally at the BC Legislature on Oct.20th

Line Up of Famous Canadians Will Gather to Drive Public Awareness
About Proven Solutions to Take Back our Country

Victoria, BC, Canada – On Saturday, 20 October 2012 – assertive citizens will lawfully occupy the front steps of the B.C. Legislature from 12:00pm-3:00pm to gather for the 2nd Annual Freedom and Solutions Rally. Prominent liberty-minded speakers from across the country will share viable solutions for Canadians to use tackle government abuse and our predatory financial system.

“We are all in this together, we can either rally together and talk about solutions as individuals, or continue the status quo of divisive political paradigms pitting left wing vs. right wing,” says Josh Steffler, “this is a chance to celebrate the similarities we share rather than the differences that divide us.”

Legendary Canadian documentary film producer, Paul Grignon, creator of the “Money as Debt” film series, will discuss the collapse of fractional reserve banking and solutions which empower the individual in the 21st century.

It’s the system! The days of money as a single uniform commodity as a medium of exchange are coming to an end. New alternatives spawned through innovation and technology now brings practical implementation of self-issued credit and digital exchanges to the marketplace. Individuals around the world will replace the current corrupt banking systems, not with a disastrous global currency proposed by the elitist crooks in charge now, but instead with individualized self-issued credit empowering people in the free market.

Our line up of speakers includes Paul Grignon, Will Thomas, Raymond Geisler, Jamie Scott, Robert Menard, and David Arthur Johnson. The rally will cover topics which include food security, health freedom, honest money, property rights, smart meters, environmental protection, non-aggression and peace, justice, legalization of marijuana, solving media and government corruption, and ending Canada’s involvement in war.

Members of the public are encouraged to attend and ask questions. Bring a chair, bring a sign, and bring a notepad and pen, as we engage with the community to offer real solutions you can leave and work on right after the rally. Come enjoy the speakers, the music, and the revolution!

More Information
Occupy Victoria Facebook:

Media Contact(s):
Josh Steffler: (250) 588-5674
Greg Hill: (250) 893-5898

About the Monetary Paradigm Shift
The enslavement of man by financial dictators throughout history forcing fractional reserve banking systems and mediums of exchange on individuals provides for moral destruction within such cultures. The functioning power of incentivized corruption with money serving as a single uniform commodity provides the means for monetary inflation and expanding debt. New digital barter exchanges based on self-issued credit and innovative technology platforms such as are shifting the financial paradigm placing power in the hands of the individual within a free market. Canadian Paul Grignon, co-producer of the famous documentary series Money As Debt, clearly outlines proposed solutions for evolution beyond money in a modern economy.

About We Are Change Victoria
We Are Change Victoria works to educate, motivate, and activate those striving to uncover the truth behind the private banking cartels, the military industrial complex, political elitists, and others who are directing the majority of local, national, and international policy, and who are actively seeking to eliminate sovereignty of the individual. Our mandate is to raise awareness and encourage peaceful activism. We wish to inspire a community of liberty-seekers and peacemakers through creative campaigns with a commitment of non-violence. We Are Change Victoria is not so much a group but an idea, an idea that through our efforts and convictions we can sculpt the world to be unrelenting in its commitment for individual liberty and sovereign human rights.

RALLY INFO: Saturday, Oct.20th, 12pm-3pm @BC Legislature

RSVP on Facebook:

12:00pm – Welcome Announcements
12:10pm – Jamie Scott – Leader of the Canadian Truth Party
12:25pm – Raymond Geisler – Host of ‘Unbought and Unbossed Radio
12:40pm – Brad Rhodes – Media Integrity Watchdog
12:50pm – Brad Loomes – Musician
1:00pm – Paul Grignon – Creator of Money As Debt movie series – Watch ‘The Essence of Money’
1:25pm – Will Thomas – Author, Film Creator, EMR Expert, and Stop Smart Meters Champion
1:45pm – Walter McGinnis (TBD) – Stop Smart Meters BC
2:00pm – Brad Loomes – Musician
2:10pm – David Arthur Johnson – Right to Sleep Activist
2:25pm – Robert Menard – Famous Free Man on the Land
2:40pm – Kaptain Kanada – Libertarian Crusader
2:50pm – Ryan Elson – Investigative Journalist
3:00pm – Josh Steffler – We Are Change Victoria
3:15pm – Closing Action Items Checklist


Occupy Victoria – Solutions Rally

Be The Change

Occupy Victoria gathers again for our 2nd annual rally at the steps of the BC Legislature in Victoria on Saturday, Oct.20th from noon to 3pm. We have gathered exceptional liberty-minded speakers to come and deliver what they feel are viable solutions for Canadians to use for a positive future.

Famous Canadian documentary film producer, Paul Grignon, who is the creator of the “Money as Debt” film series, will discuss the collapse of fractional reserve banking and solutions which empower the individual in the 21st century.

Our line up of speakers will cover topics which include food security, health freedom, honest money, property rights, smart meters, environmental protection, non-aggression and peace, justice, legalization of marijuana, solving media and government corruption, and ending Canada’s involvement in war.

Be The Change

Photos taken from the Victoria Fire Department’s ladder truck . B.C. July 1, 2009. (BRUCE STOTESBURY, TIMES COLONIST). For City story by Joanne Hatherley

Bring a chair, bring a sign, and bring a notepad and pen, as we engage with the community to offer real solutions you can leave and work on right after the rally.

More information on Facebook: and at

Champion Mash-Up – Victoria Rally @BC Legislature

Operation Occupy Victoria: First General Assembly – TONIGHT


Perhaps you have heard of the efforts underway in New York City, NY to ‘Occupy Wall Street‘ as ordinary people are coming together to stand against the tyrannical corporatocracy.

This is a peaceful assembly of concerned citizens who are fed up with the status quo and big brother colluding with big business behind closed doors to pillage our resources and trample our liberties.

As efforts are being taken across Canada to unite under the cause of liberty you are provided an opportunity to OCCUPY VICTORIA.

Visit the Occupy Victoria Facebook page for further details. The first general assembly begins today (Monday, Oct. 3rd) @ 7:00pm at Centennial Square next to Victoria City Hall downtown.

There are calls from the University of Victoria Department of Social Justice, We Are Change Victoria, individuals and many others to take a stand and Occupy Victoria.

Bring your signs, bring your friends/family, bring sidewalk chalk, and bring peace.

It’s crucial to understand that there may be people who try to co-opt the activities or spread dis-information to attendees. Be an individual not a follower. This is more than just a protest headed by Occupy Wall Street its fundamentally about you and the future of your liberty (property, wealth, family, and rights). Do not let the communists plug you into their network of government control. Be free.

Canadian Mayor Diane Watts invites confessed Torturer. ACTIVISTS VOW TO ARREST BUSH in October

Diane Watts and her croonies at Surrey City Hall are all sell outs and will live in infamy as traitors to Canadian sovereignty for inviting international war criminal George W. Bush and globalist/adulterer/Bohemian cockboy William Clinton to discuss the future of economics for British Columbians. Don’t you just want to puke!

If you’re as pissed off about this as we are then read more here and TAKE ACTION:

WAC Vic is putting on a movie night – – Come Watch – – Invisible Empire

WAC Victoria is putting on the first of what we hope is many movie nights…Our first entry is Invisible Empire- A New World Order Defined…

This is an intro to the many faces of evil and corruption in our world and our politics today. Many historical figures have talked and praised the New World Order, and many others have warned us about them.

The event is on Friday, Dec 10th @ 7:00PM at Fairfield New Horizons Seniors Activity Centre located at 380 Cook Street.

The event is free, but we will graciously accept donations to help cover the cost of putting the event on, and funding the further efforts of WAC Vic.

Here is a trailer of the movie for those who have not seen it

… and here is the event on the facebook page if you want to share it with your friends


Vander Zalm: Elections BC decision to reject Recall application for Oak Bay-Gordon Head based on “too long word count” continues pattern of obstruction and incompetence

DELTA – Fight HST Leader Bill Vander Zalm is calling for the resignation of Elections BC Acting Chief Electoral Officer Craig James in the wake of his decision to reject the application for Recall by Oak Bay-Gordon Head proponent Michael Roy Hayes on the basis that the Recall statement attached to the petition application is “too long”.

Vander Zalm says in a letter to Recall proponent Hayes, James said he considers the words “MLA” and “HST” to be not two words, but a total of eight words (Member of the Legislative Assembly and Harmonized Sales Tax) on each reference, resulting in the application statement exceeding the 200 word allotment.

“This simply continues the same pattern of obstruction that has characterized Elections BC since Craig James was appointed by Premier Gordon Campbell to take over. If there were restrictions on acronyms, that information should have been given to the applicants at the time they were handed their application. But it wasn’t because Craig James obviously made it up yesterday when he decided this would be another way to serve his BC Liberal masters by trying to sabotage the Recall petition. It is outrageous!” Vander Zalm said.

Colin Nielsen, the Lead Organizer for the Oak Bay-Gordon Head Recall says he has also been told that since the application was rejected, over 150 canvasser applications must also be re-done and re-signed.

“This is a deliberate attempt to blow us out of the water before the Christmas break. All Elections BC had to do was call us up and let us know there was a ‘technical glitch’ and we could have easily fixed it. But James is doing everything he can to try to thwart the democratic process rather than facilitate it. It’s like he’s making up the rules as he goes along,” Nielsen said.

Nielsen says he and proponent Hayes plan to return immediately to Elections BC on Thursday with the revised petition application and the existing canvasser applications to demand that the application process be facilitated.

“Enough is enough. This has got to stop. There is no reason to make us waste weeks trying to re-do all of the canvasser application again. It is like we are living in some sort of banana republic run by corrupt officials,” said Nielsen.

Vander Zalm says the latest decision by James is part of a pattern of obstruction regarding the Fight HST group. “The Acting CEO was appointed by the government, not the BC Legislature. He does not enjoy the independence and support required to be effective in this critical role as guardian of the democratic process.”

Vander Zalm says that since taking office, Acting CEO James has made a number of questionable decisions that have led many in the public to conclude he is not acting independently of the BC Government, as follows:

• James ruled that a BC Liberal government web site which contained dozens of HST advocacy videos at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars did not qualify as “Initiative advertising” even though the web site by Fight HST did.

• When the petition to end the HST was completed and validated, James refused to forward it to the Standing Committee of the Legislature as required by the Initiative Act, forcing the Fight HST proponents to get the Supreme Court to order Elections BC to submit the petition, at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars to private citizens.

• James has undertaken a major overhaul of the Elections BC management structure, including firing deputy Chief Electoral Officer Linda Johnson, a 28 year veteran of the agency who also happened to rule against the BC Liberal government’s planned mailout during the petition.

• James sent intimidating letters to over 2,000 British Columbians, including numerous elderly citizens who accidentally signed the Initiative petition twice, threatening them with two years in jail and $10,000 fines only one week before Recalls were set to begin and over three months after the petition had been counted and validated.

• James has gone on record as saying that a referendum on the HST will take between one year and nine months to conduct, even though entire province wide elections have been held in the past within 4 weeks of a government giving notice to EBC that it has dropped the writ.

“Now he is telling the people of Oak Bay-Gordon Head their application for a Recall has been rejected because common acronyms like HST and MLA are actually eight words. It would be laughable if it weren’t so serious,” said Vander Zalm.

“This time he has gone too far. We call on Craig James to admit he has lost the confidence of the people of BC and done irreparable damage to the independent reputation of Elections BC, and resign. Failing that, we call on the premier to remove him and we call on the entire BC Liberal caucus and all of the potential leadership candidates to immediately denounce this charade,” Vander Zalm concluded.

Number Of Words In Proponent Statement
Recall Application Response Nov 24 2010
Statement For Petition Nov 4


Monday, November 8, 2010


Delaney: It’s not enough to simply pick a new leader – the system must change in order to restore democracy
PORT COQUITLAM – BC First has unveiled its’ plan to overhaul the system that permits the concentration of power in government witnessed under the BC Liberals – an approach which has severely damaged BC’s democracy says party spokesman, Chris Delaney.

Delaney says it is not enough to simply change captains of a sinking ship. “The peaceful revolution created by the backlash against the HST was in response to an emerging dictatorship in BC. The BC Liberal caucus’ failure to recognize that will ensure that the entire party follows their former leader over the same cliff into the political abyss.”

“We need total change. We need to open up and democratize the system that allows a single person to dictate policy no matter what taxpayers think, and no matter what the cost to our economy and our democracy. Today, BC First has put forward such a plan,” said Delaney.

“Our strategy for democratic renewal will begin with the creation of a new BC Constitution that will be controlled by the people, not the politicians. It will lay out the powers of government – both what they can and cannot do. And any change to the BC Constitution will require the approval of the people in a province wide vote. Never again will a single person be able to create a tax through an executive order, or thwart the will of the public on major issues.”

Delaney continued, “A BC Constitution that is created by the people, for the people, and is owned by the people will restore our democracy, our prosperity and our freedoms. It will protect our environment, our resources and our communities for the people of BC. It is the single biggest change we can make to ensure the return of sound fiscal management and prosperity to BC again.”

Delaneys says a BC First Government will also restrict political party donations to citizens only, and will implement a full, open and televised public inquiry into government corruption committed under the BC Liberals over the last 10 years.

Following is the BC First plan for Democratic Renewal:


BC First will institute a complete overhaul of our government system, resulting in the creation of a “BC Constitution” establishing the limits of government power, subject to change only by the people in a province-wide referendum.

The BC Constitution will include:
• Workable Referendum, Initiative and Recall to empower citizens and hold government accountable between elections.
• Limits on government spending that can only be exceeded with public approval via referendum
• Public approval for new taxes or tax increases via referendum.
• Secret ballot free votes in the legislature to empower MLAs to act for their constituents.
• Public hearings for all conflict of interest charges or other government inquiries, that are televised and open to citizens.
• Terms Limits of no more than 8 years for a premier, and no more than 12 years for any MLA.

BC First will limit donations to political parties to citizens only with a cap of $1,000 to return the democratic process to the people instead of powerful interests.

BC First will institute a full, open and televised public inquiry into government corruption under the BC Liberals including the BC Rail Scandal, the HST Election Fraud Scandal, The BC Hydro Run of River scandal, and the Bilderberg Funding Scandal.



Chris Delaney, Spokesperson – (604) 942-6265 or cel: (604) 880-4956
Blake MacKenzie, Communications Director – (250) 483-4100


New information taken from Bilderberg website shows premier was not acting in official capacity while attending meeting





Port Coquitlam – BC Conflict of Interest Commissioner, Mr. Paul D.K. Fraser, has responded to the BC First Party’s request to conduct an investigation into Premier Gordon Campbell’s use of public funds to attend a private Bilderberg meeting in June 2010.

BC First Party spokesman, Chris Delaney, says Commissioner Fraser is reviewing the information sent to him to determine how he will proceed under the Member’s Conflict of Interest Act. Delaney says the Commissioner also invited him to forward any additional material relevant to the case.

“We submitted new documents taken from the official Bilderberg website which support our contention that Premier Campbell is in a conflict of interest. Of particular importance is the posting on ‘Participants’ that says: ‘Participants attend Bilderberg in a private and not an official capacity.’,”said Delaney.

“This is a particularly damning statement. It shows unequivocally that the meeting was private and not a public or official meeting as the premier has said. The Act is clear, a member of the Legislature cannot take public funds for personal use,said Delaney.

Delaney pointed out that the Bilderberg website also makes clear that accommodations for the meetings are paid for by the local Bilderberg Steering Committee members of the host country.

“That means private Bilderberg members paid for the hotel and accommodations for the premier. He is required by law to submit a ‘disclosure statement of benefit’ for any private benefits received while a member of the Legislature. We are unaware of Mr. Campbell filing such a statement with the Commissioner,” said Delaney.

Delaney says if the Commissioner determines that Premier Campbell is in a conflict over the use of public funds to attend a private meeting, it will be the first time in BC history that a premier has been in an “actual” conflict of interest.

“Every other premier that has resigned over conflict of interest allegations has done so on the basis that there was an ‘apparent’ conflict. In this case, it is clear the meeting was private, that Premier Campbell knew it was private, that he used public funds to finance his participation in it, and that he received a private benefit in terms of accommodations while attending.”

“We look forward to the investigation, and will cooperate with the Commissioner in any way required to bring justice to this very serious potential breach of the Act,” Delaney concluded.


1. Conflict of Interest Commissioner Response

2. New Information from Bilderberg website


Ottawa can vote to tax BC without Legislature approval

Delta – Fight HST Leader, Bill Vander Zalm, says the Supreme Court dismissed his court petition challenging the constitutionality of the HST today.

Vander Zalm says Chief Justice Bauman’s decision effectively means that the imposition of the HST in BC can be done by “Order-in-Council”, rather than through the legislature as the constitution originally intended. He says it amounts to taxation without representation.

“When the court says that a single person with the stroke of a pen can legislate a tax in BC, the system is completely broken,” said Vander Zalm.


“The fight against the HST has exposed that the government doesn’t listen to the people. Today’s decision by the Supreme Court has exposed that the system not only permits this, it actually encourages it. People did not fight and die in two world wars to have taxes imposed by one man.”

Vander Zalm says that although the court ruled the HST is a federal tax, it acknowledged in its previous ruling that the province can rescind its participation.

“The only good news is we still have the means to undo this giant mess, since the first court ruling affirmed British Columbia’s right to kill the tax. We don’t have a say, but we still have a veto,” said Vander Zalm.

Vander Zalm says Fight HST will consult legal counsel to consider an appeal of the ruling.

Vander Zalm pointed out that the HST applies a new levy of 7% on a wide range of goods and services previously exempted from provincial sales taxes. He says legally that might not constitute a new tax, but in reality it is clearly a new tax imposed by the federal government at the request of BC’s Finance Minister.

“It is an unbelievable situation when Ottawa can use its votes in Ontario together with votes from the Bloc in Quebec to impose a tax in BC without the BC legislature’s approval. Quebecer’s are now deciding taxes in BC! Can you imagine if the reverse had happened? Quebec would separate tomorrow!”

Vander Zalm says after his group gets rid of the HST, he will commit himself to changing the entire system.

“After we defeat the HST, we must continue to fight to restore our democracy. It will be a short lived victory indeed if the same system that brought us this awful tax is left in place to simply carry on with ‘business-as-usual’.”

“We need a complete overhaul, and I promise to do whatever I can to bring that about,” concluded Vander Zalm.


Fight HST to begin Recalls as soon as possible after November 15.

Delta – Fight HST Leader Bill Vander Zalm says BC Premier Gordon Campbell is once again playing fast and loose with the truth regarding his promise to hold a “binding, simple majority” referendum on the HST.

“He’s been telling everyone he will make the referendum to scrap the HST truly democratic by allowing a simple majority of votes cast, and that it will be binding on his government. But he refuses to conduct the vote under the ‘Referendum Act’ rather than the ‘Initiative Act’. That means British Columbians will have to take him at his word, and that is not very reassuring given his track record so far,” said former premier Vander Zalm.

Vander Zalm explained, “The Initiative Act says the vote will be non binding, and that it requires 50% of all voters in the province to pass it, plus 50% in 2/3 of all constituencies. Those are impossible thresholds, and completely undemocratic. The premier admitted that by saying he will not require the vote to achieve those thresholds. But then he turns around and says he won’t change the legislation – we’ll just have to trust him.”

Vander Zalm says making the referendum binding and changing the required threshold is not a decision one person can make, even a premier. “Only the legislature can overrule existing legislation. This is a totally bogus promise designed to con and intimidate British Columbians into accepting the tax. We will not be bullied by this premier,” said Vander Zalm.

Vander Zalm reminded British Columbians that Premier Campbell said, “We won’t sell BC Rail” before the 2001 election – and then sold it. Who said before first being elected, “The deficit is a mortgage on our children’s future” – and then doubled it while in office.  Who said, “The Olympics won’t cost a penny more than we budgeted” – and then ran up massive cost overruns that are still being calculated. Who said, “The deficit is a maximum $495 million” before the 2009 election – and then announced it was $2.8 billion after the election. Who said, “The HST is not on our radar” before the 2009 election – and then imposed it afterwards.

Vander Zalm says the problem with “trusting” Gordon Campbell besides the fact most British Columbians don’t, is that he may not even be the premier by the time the vote is undertaken. “Then what? Is a new leader bound by his promise?”

Vander Zalm pointed out that Finance Minister Colin Hansen also said on Tuesday that he supports a referendum, but that it will not include all parts of the draft legislation attached to the successful petition.

“Again, this is totally unethical if not illegal. The finance minister and the premier cannot unilaterally remove the parts of the petition Bill they don’t want. They are lawless and totally out of control. I can’t believe the audacity of these people. They are destroying what little democracy we have, and couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks.”

Vander Zalm says Sections 13 and 16 of the Initiative Act are clear:

Initiative vote

13 (1) If the select standing committee refers the initiative petition and draft Bill to the chief electoral officer, the chief electoral officer must hold an initiative vote under this Act.

Effect of successful initiative vote

16 If the chief electoral officer declares an initiative vote to be successful, the government must do one of the following:

(a) introduce the Bill at the earliest practicable opportunity;

(b) if the Bill is for the appropriation of any part of the consolidated revenue fund or of any tax or impost,

(i)  request the Lieutenant Governor to recommend the Bill by a message in accordance with sections 46 and 47 of the Constitution Act to the Legislative Assembly, and

(ii)  introduce the Bill at the earliest practicable opportunity.

“The Standing Committee submitted the petition and draft Bill – the HST Extinguishment Act – to a province-wide citizen’s vote. The government cannot, during that part of the process, remove sections of the Bill. So if British Columbians vote in favour of the draft Bill to extinguish the HST and it is ‘binding’ on the government as the premier says, then the government is stuck with it. The fact Hansen is already saying they won’t abide by their own rules tells you this whole thing is a con,” said Vander Zalm.

“If the government wanted to make amendments to the Bill, they could have submitted it to the legislature for a vote there. But they chose the Initiative Vote route, and now don’t want to abide by it. They are not only dishonest, they are hypocrites too.”

Vander Zalm asked whether the NDP, who voted in favour of sending the petition and draft Bill to an Initiative Vote, also support the premier unilaterally removing sections of the draft Bill. “Are they in favour of this too? We thought the NDP were against the HST, but we are becoming very concerned in light of some of their recent actions.”

Vander Zalm says he will release a Strategy Paper on Recalls next week that will outline Fight HST’s plans to begin removing MLAs from office as soon as legally possible.

“We will move to Recalls now. It is the only vehicle we have left to hold this arrogant bunch to account. The people of BC are being manipulated, trampled on, and deceived every step of the way. We must fight back or risk losing our democracy entirely,” concluded Vander Zalm.

To Comment on this article, please visit the Website at:



Vander Zalm: Premier’s call for binding referendum requiring a simple majority vote requires legislative action.

Victoria – Fight HST Leader and former BC premier, Bill Vander Zalm, says Premier Campbell’s call for a binding referendum requiring a simple majority of votes cast to kill the HST will require new legislation or amendments to the Initiative and Recall Act.

Fight HST

Vander Zalm says the premier’s announcement came immediately after both the Liberal and NDP members of the Standing Committee voted unanimously to submit the “HST Extinguishment Act” to a non-binding Initiative Vote requiring an undemocratic threshold of 50% of all registered voters to pass.

“The  statement by the premier shows he is starting to understand he can no longer dictate his will on the HST to British Columbians, and we welcome that if he is truly sincere,” said Vander Zalm.

But Vander Zalm says a number of issues were raised by the premier’s comments. “First, as much as we welcome this change of heart, it is not his decision to make. He must reconvene the legislature and amend the Initiative Act to allow for a truly democratic referendum that is binding and requires a simple majority vote, since the current legislation does not allow for that.”

Vander Zalm pointed out that Elections BC confirmed at the hearings today that Cabinet has the final say over the question to be asked. “If that’s true, the only way to ensure a fair and accurate question is asked that reflects the intention of petition is to allow both Elections BC and the proponent, Bill Vander Zalm, to participate in drafting and approving that question together with the government.”

As well, Vander Zalm says that the government should not use taxpayer funds to advertise its position on the HST while acting as an official “Opponent” of the referendum. “There is no way the people can compete with the government using their own money to oppose them. We say there should be a level playing field, and that both sides should make their case through public meetings and through the media.”

Vander Zalm says that with BC still in recession and the government running massive deficits that there is no point in government spending huge sums of money trying to skew public opinion. “If Premier Campbell truly wants a democratic process as he says, he will respect the financial limits of the people to fight back against his government.”

Vander Zalm says the referendum must be conducted before the end of 2010. He says it would be highly irresponsible to wait another year to vote on an issue as pressing as the HST. “The damage to the economy from waiting until September 2011 will be incalculable. It will slow spending down even more than has already happened. In the case of new home construction, investment real estate, and home renovations, it will kill those industries completely, since everyone will immediately halt major spending in anticipation of the HST being extinguished.”

“Even major municipal capital projects will be put on hold as towns and cities wait to realize huge savings from ending the HST.”

“Consumers will continue to be hurt as well, and need relief sooner rather than later from this regressive tax,” added Vander Zalm.

Vander Zalm says further damage would be caused by delaying the referendum, since the government will have to refund more than $2B in HST revenues to all British Columbians. “The HST Extinguishment Act provides for any extra HST monies to be refunded back to the taxpayers. If the government waits another year to repeal the tax, they will have to pay all that back to British Columbians.”

Vander Zalm says the provincial government has only spent half the federal transition money so far, and waiting another year to rescind the tax will see them having spent the balance. “Then they’ll have to pay that back too. Delaying the referendum could cause more damage and create even more problems than the tax already has. They must act immediately for the sake of businesses, consumers and the economy itself.”

Vander Zalm says he has sent a letter to the premier pointing out these important issues, and asking that he move quickly to resolve them in the best interests of the whole province.

“We look forward to hearing back from Premier Campbell. He has said that British Columbians will have the final say. Now we need him to ensure a process is underway to have that happen,” concluded Vander Zalm.